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9 Of The Best Tiny Stays In WA

Tiny stays are all the rage so come find the perfect one in WA with us.
Best Tiny Cabins - Tiny Stays Perth & Wa

9 Of The Best Tiny Stays In WA

Tiny stays are all the rage so come find the perfect one in WA with us.
Best Tiny Cabins - Tiny Stays Perth & Wa

Unpacking the best Tiny Stays in WA.

From the white sand of Yallingup to the winding hills of the Wheatbelt, we’re guiding you through the best tiny stays in Western Australia.

Tiny stays are all the rage at the moment with their unbeatable Instagramable opportunities and overall adorable aesthetic. They’re the perfect option for a quick weekend getaway from Perth to unwind and relax in the beauty of our wonderful state. 

So we’re here to down pack where to go and, most importantly, where to stay from the south coast to the northern valleys; come with us to find WA’s best tiny stays. 

Franklin River Cabin Retreat

Tiny Stays - Frankland River Cabin Retreat
  • Location: Frankland
  • Price: $132 a night
  • Guests: 2

The Frankland River region has everything you need for the perfect getaway from its unbeatable wine with the likes of Ferngrove and Alkoomi to the winding hills, natural forest and rich history, you can’t miss this hidden treasure. 

The Frankland River Cabin Retreat is nothing short of beautiful, either, with its rustic European look, it will definitely make you feel like you’re at one with nature. As a self-contained cabin, you’ll have everything you need to never leave the pristine 83 acres of land upon which it’s situated.

Take a walk along the beautiful Frankland River, immerse yourself in the wine and culture or read a book on the balcony – whichever you choose, I’m sure you’ll be completely stress-free for the entirety of your stay. 

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Tiny House Nannup 

Tiny Stays - Tiny House Nannup
  • Location – Nannup
  • Price – $160 a night 
  • Guests – 2

Nannup, the picturesque town nestled in the Jalbarragup Forest along the beautiful Blackwood River is the perfect escape from the big smoke.

Being just under a 3-hour drive south of Perth, this Tiny House in Nannup is nothing short of breathtaking with its true ‘Tiny Cabin’ aesthetic and beautiful rustic feel. 

Situated right next to the Blackwood River, you can fill your day with a morning walk through the forest followed by lunch at the famous Pickle & O, a sunset paddle along the river and then finishing it all off with some cheese, wine and cards in the stunning interior of the Tiny house. 

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South West Tiny Cabin 

Best Tiny Cabins - Tiny Stays Perth & Wa
  • Location – Australia’s South West (Busselton)
  • Price – $280 a night
  • Guests – 2 

North of the river has Bali, south of the river has Margaret River, home to white sandy beaches, rugged coastlines and world-class eats and drinks.

The South West Tiny Cabin is situated in the heart of Artisan wine country on beautiful green roaming hills. This Tiny Cabin is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque stays we have found with its modern interior and rustic shipping container look, you’ll be short of words when rocking up to this beauty.

Fill your days by exploring the beautiful wineries including MadFish Wines, Leeuwin Estate Winery and Preveli Wines or explore the beautiful beaches of Yallingup, Dunsborough and Margaret River followed by lunch at some award-winning restaurants including Yarri, Lady Lola, Eagle Bay Brewing or Amelia Park Restaurant

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Wheatbelt Tiny Cabin

Tiny Stays - Wheatbelt Tiny Cabin
  • Location – Narrogin
  • Price – $260 a night
  • Guests – 2

The Wheatbelt is one of WA’s most untouched and undiscovered travel destinations. However, this doesn’t mean the Wheatbelt is lacking in stunning beauty, culture, wine or food. 

The Wheatbelt Tiny Cabin perfectly encompasses what the Wheatbelt is. With its to-die-for view of the roaming hills, you will instantly fall in love with this tiny stay.

Situated in the small town of Narrogin on the fringe of the Wheatbelt, you’ll have every attraction right at your doorstep – perfect for a romantic weekend getaway with complete seclusiveness.

There is nothing but beautiful canola fields in sight during the day and the beautiful show of stars at night.  

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The Grove at Ryans Rest 

Tiny Stays - The Grove at Ryans Rest 
  • Location – Pemberton (Quinninup) 
  • Price – $250 a night
  • 4 guests

Located 372km south of Perth, Pemberton is the perfect getaway for a weekend of adventure. Known for its famous biking trails, if you’re up for a bit of hiking, swimming in the scenic Pemberton Pool or white water rafting, this destination is perfect for you. 

The Grove at Ryan’s Rest is a quaint tiny farmhouse that looks over the beautiful winding green hills of Quinninup which is a short but beautiful 20-minute drive from Pemberton.

This tiny stay is well equipped with a bbq, outdoor games and a personally marked out 3km trail for you to take in the beautiful scenery with a group of friends. You simply cannot give this tiny house on wheels a miss. 

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Rivers End Retreat Albany

Tiny Cabins in Albany
  • Location – Albany (Kalgan River)
  • Price – $237 a night
  • 2 guests

Albany is undoubtedly the heart of the Great Southern. This coastal town is situated between two beautiful mountains and King George Sound is the doorstep to natural beauty.

The Stirling Ranges mountains are a mere 45-minute drive away with hikes like Bluff Knoll and Castle Rock, whilst famous beaches like Little Beach, Frenchman’s Bay and Misery Beach are all within a 30-minute drive of the town centre. 

Nestled within the amazing natural forest lies the Rivers End Retreat. This stunning tiny stay fits into its surroundings perfectly with a natural-toned earthy aesthetic from its dark shipping container exterior to its timber floors and panelling you will feel completely immersed in nature when checking into this place.

The beautiful Kalgan River is also right at your doorstep with your windows overlooking the beautiful winding nature that makes up this amazing untouched corner of the earth. 

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The Chalet Village Esperance – Studio Chalet

Tiny Stays - The Chalet Village Esperance - Studio Chalet
  • Location – Esperance
  • Price – $260 a night
  • 3 guests 

Esperance speaks for itself with its world-renowned beaches including Lucky Bay which have been named the best in the world for their seemingly incomparable beauty and local kangaroos year after year. 

The Studio Chalet in the Chalet village is undoubtedly an ideal place to set up for a week or two and is also the perfect location for an Instagram pic with its very trendy white-wash aesthetic.

The Esperance Chalet Village is one of the only remaining original accommodation destinations that has now been re-imagined into a line of A-frame picture-perfect chalets ready to be somebody’s home away from home for the week. 

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Hidden Valley Forest Retreat – Eco Lodge

Tiny Stays - Hidden Valley Forest Retreat - Eco Lodge
  • Location – Yallingup 
  • Price – $450 a night
  • 2 guests

Yallingup to the Indigenous Noongar people means ‘the place of love’ and once exploring the beauty that this tiny area has to offer, I think you’ll see why.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, look no further than Yallingup. Famous for its world-renowned surf breaks and competitions, this area has become a very trendy spot for Perth-goers. With the likes of Swings and Roundabouts at your fingertips, you’ll have plenty to eat and drink in this cultural beauty of a town. 

The Hidden Valley Forest Retreat is exactly how it sounds – nestled among the Karri forest on 110 acres of land including the Haag Nature reserve, this beautiful cabin is unbeatable. This tiny stay would be perfect for a romantic weekend getaway, complete with an outdoor spa, fireplace and stunning interior. This stay doesn’t lack the luxury amenities. So look no further when booking your next getaway with your partner and check into this forest treasure for the weekend. 

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