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10 Natural Wonders That Are Uniquely Australian

australian natural wonders

10 Natural Wonders That Are Uniquely Australian

australian natural wonders

Australia is all kinds of beautiful to the bizarrely awesome.

In a time where travelling domestically feels an inch closer to reality again, Tourism Australia is tempting us to get planning to explore the truly unique landscapes, and surreal natural wonders found right in our backyard. Check out this colourful list of 10 stunning Australian natural wonders.

1. Aurora Australis, Tasmania

10 Natural Wonders That Are Uniquely Australian
Source: @tasmania / @leannemarshall

Australia’s most illuminating natural wonder. Like its Northern Hemisphere counterpart (Aurora Borealis), the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) illuminate the night sky with flickering shades of green, blue, purple and red. The Southern Lights can be viewed all year round – although most commonly during winter, May to August, and during the spring equinox in September. Aurora Australis is visible from several spots across the country, but your best chance of witnessing this phenomenon is from Australia’s southernmost state – Tasmania. Head to Bruny IslandSatellite IslandBathurst Harbour and Cradle Mountain for the beautiful low-light conditions you need to spot the glimmering light show.

2. Australia’s Pink Lakes, South Australia and Western Australia

10 Natural Wonders That Are Uniquely Australian
Source: @australia / @jamiehudson

This could very well be the most pretty-in-pink Australian natural wonders of them all. Australia is home to many mesmerising natural attractions, but its extraordinary pink lakes have got to be seen to be believed. From the outback of South Australia to the coast of Western Australia, there are few things that are as beautiful and baffling as Australia’s pink lakes.

Located on Middle Island in Esperance, Western Australia’s Lake Hillier is known for its baffling bubble-gum pink hue. It’s a surreal sight; the pink lake neighbours the dark blue waters of the Indian Ocean, with a strip of lush green forest acting as a barrier. The states other famous pink lake, Hutt Lagoon changes from red to pink and even to lilac purple. Located on the Coral Coast, visit during mid-morning or sundown to catch the best of its colourful spectrum. 

The pale pinks, oranges and yellows of Lake Eyre, located a six-hour drive from Adelaide, epitomise the vast landscapes of outback South Australia. The salt pan lake is a stunning sight, but becomes a different kind of beautiful every few years as the lake floods with water.  Contrasting colours of pink, blue and green create the striking scene that is Lake MacDonnell. Located in South Australia’s breathtaking Eyre Peninsula, Lake MacDonnell is one of the country’s most intensely pink lakes, owing to its high salt concentration. Take the ultra-Instagrammable road between the bubblegum-hued Lake MacDonnell and its neighbouring blue-green waters to discover Cactus Beach at the end of the path.

3. Cuttlefish Annual Aggregation, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

australian natural wonders
Source: @southaustralia / @benzboy37

The annual migration of giant Australian cuttlefish ‘Sepia apama’ to the waters of the upper Spencer Gulf to breed is one of the most spectacular natural events in the Australian marine environment. Unique to South Australia’s waters, it is the only place in the world where the cuttlefish aggregate annually in mass and with such great predictability. Every winter, thousands of cuttlefish merge and as expert colour-changers, these masters of camouflage can change their shape and texture to look like rocks, sand or seaweed. Travellers can snorkel with the amazing giant cuttlefish at Stony Point between June and July, located on the coastline of the Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park in the Eyre Peninsula

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