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10 Of Australia’s Best Waterfalls To Chase Right Now

Do go chasing waterfalls in Australia, especially these 10 best waterfalls.
10 Of Australia's Best Waterfalls

10 Of Australia’s Best Waterfalls To Chase Right Now

Do go chasing waterfalls in Australia, especially these 10 best waterfalls.
10 Of Australia's Best Waterfalls

Do go chasing waterfalls in Australia, especially these 10 best waterfalls.

Waterfalls are simply mesmerizing to look at. Its non-stop water action with sheer volumes of water flowing in absolute freefall, and you got to wonder, does nature’s tap ever switch off? 

Thankfully that tap is ongoing with these waterfalls as we list 10 of Australia’s best waterfalls, and let’s just say you’ll be gushing over them.

Carrington Falls, New South Wales

Located two hours’ drive south from Sydney is Carrington Falls, a stunning waterfall in the Southern Highlands. There are three lookouts available to take in the mighty gush of the South Coast’s most picturesque waterfall.

Visitors can also enjoy taking a dip in the waterholes and exploring rockpools. We recommend packing a picnic as it’s the perfect spot to relax, although if you still have the energy to spare, have a wander on one of its many bushwalk trails. 

10 Of Australia's Best Waterfalls To Chase Right Now
Source: @dimsim_outdoors

Erskine Falls, Victoria 

Did you know that Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is filled with spectacular waterfalls? It’s most famous is Erskine Falls, and it is simply captivating to see it cascading into the gully below.

Located a two-hour drive south from Melbourne, the 30-metre waterfall can be viewed from two lookouts: one a short walk from the car park and the other a steep descent to the base. Whilst at the bottom, you can take Insta-worthy pics on the decking area. Trust us, it’s worth the legwork! 

Erskine Falls, Victoria - Best Waterfalls Australia
Source: @_sarahlatham

Gibraltar Falls, Australian Capital Territory

Combine city and eco-escapes with a trip to Gibraltar Creek Pine Forest, less than an hour’s drive from Canberra. The park is home to Gibraltar Falls, descending a vertical distance of 50 metres, and one of the largest waterfalls in the territory easily found via a short walking track. 

Be sure to pack gourmet treats from Canberra’s premier food market, Fyshwick Market, or make use of the barbeque amenities near the car park for a picturesque picnic.

Fitzroy Falls, New South Wales

Fitzroy Falls is one of New South Wales’ most grand waterfalls, dropping dramatically over 80 metres into the untouched bushland of Morton National Park in the Southern Highlands, just two hours’ drive from Sydney or Canberra. The waterfall is accessed via a short boardwalk.

While you visit, drop into the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre to learn about the region’s wildlife and local Aboriginal culture.

Jim Jim Falls, Northern Territory

The Northern Territory doesn’t disappoint those looking to chase waterholes and waterfalls. Set within Kakadu National Park, Jim Jim Falls is the region’s most famous and most powerful falls in the tropical summer months (November – March). So if you’re visiting within those months, admire the falls on board a scenic flight and have the ultimate vantage point witnessing the parks’ stunning scenery. Just wow.

If visiting during the dry season (April – October), hire a 4WD or book a tour to get to the base of the falls to have a tranquil swim.

10 Of Australia's Best Waterfalls To Chase Right Now
Source @nath_lew

Josephine Falls, Queensland

Tropical North Queensland boasts many wondrous waterfalls, but Josephine Falls has to be one of the country’s most beautiful. Better yet, it’s a fun visit too, as there is a natural rock slide nearby, so bring your bathers for the natural wet and wild encounter!

The falls are located just over an hour’s drive south from Cairns, and we recommend allocating a day so you can explore more of its blissful surroundings, either on an exciting day tour or with a picnic lunch.

Deep Creek Waterfall, South Australia

Head south of Adelaide to arrive at Deep Creek Conservation Park, located along the Fleurieu Peninsula. Work your leg muscles and partake in the 3.5-hour return Deep Creek Waterfall hike to see the enchanting Deep Creek Waterfall. 

The waterfall is an exemption from the list – usually flowing in the winter months or after it rains – however, the waterhole is permanent and great for a splash.

Dip Falls, Tasmania

Tasmania is the land of waterfalls, home to over 200 known waterfalls.

Its most-photographed waterfall is Russell Falls, just over an hours’ drive west of Hobart, but if you are looking for one that’s more off the beaten track, you can venture to Dip Falls, located three hours from Launceston by car. The Dip Falls is most powerful during the winter and boasts unique basalt rock formations that make it look like one giant wall of waterfall. It truly is a remarkable sight. 

Dip Falls, Tasmania - Best Waterfalls Australia
Source: @lake_of_tranquility

Mackenzie Falls, Victoria

Located just over three hours from Melbourne in the Grampians National Park is one of the largest waterfalls in the state – Mackenzie Falls. Flowing all year round over massive cliffs and into a deep pool, access to the falls is accessible via a 1km path.

Horizontal Falls, Western Australia 

A trip to Horizontal Falls is a bucket-list adventure in the Kimberley region. 

Described by Sir David Attenborough as “Australia’s most unusual natural wonder”, Horizontal Falls is a natural phenomenon that is as intriguing as beautiful. There are two horizontal waterfalls, and both can be found in Talbot Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago

These incredible natural wonders are the work of some of the largest tidal movements in the world; the first and most seaward is about 20-metres wide, while the second is roughly 10-metres wide. The powerful tides in the Kimberley can reach more than 10-metres, and the direction of the flow reverses, ensuring the water flows two different ways each day and a unique waterfall effect. 

You can join a scenic flight or sea safari to see and experience the might of the falls for yourself. We guarantee you it’s an epic ride!

Horizontal Falls, Broome - Best Waterfalls Australia
Source: @thekimberleyaustralia

Please note: While waterfalls are often safe places to swim, travellers must follow the directional signs when visiting these areas. It’s important to always follow the advice and never venture into out of bounds zones, flooded waters or dangerous areas to prevent serious injury or death.  

Feature image: @lake_of_tranquility

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