7 Winter Wardrobe Essentials That Double Up As Top-Notch Travel Swag

winter wardrobe essentials

Fire up your winter look with these winter wardrobe essentials that will give you extra travel cred. Layer up, layer up as winter is well and truly here. Even though it’s the season of grey skies, rainy days and chilly temperatures, it doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom – you can still embark on […]

How To Prepare For Affordable Long-Term Travel In 2021

How To Prepare For Affordable Long-Term Travel In 2021

Most people dream of exploring the world.  Different cultures, new adventures and travels that change your life for the better. Unfortunately, the daily grind and life’s commitments can make it hard. Throw in the recent worldwide chaos and travelling has been off the cards for most of us for far too long. When it’s back […]

‘Why I Made The Move To London During A Global Pandemic’

'Why I Made The Move To London During A Global Pandemic'

Aussie in London Georgia Anderson tells what it was like to move to London one year on from when the global pandemic first hit. When I first started thinking about making a big change in my life, I could have never imagined just how seismic that shift would be. It all started in mid-2019 when […]

7 Summer Backpack Essentials For A Big Day Out

backpack essentials

The must-have summer backpack essentials to get you through the season of sun. Remember that fun, hypothetical question as old as time: “If you were stuck on an island, what would you bring?” Well, we kind of are stuck on an island. But thankfully, not limited to just having one thing with us, especially when […]

5 Australian Travel Bloggers To Follow For Top-Notch Aussie Holiday Inspo

how to travel and work

Check out these Australian travel bloggers who know a place (or two) to recommend worth exploring. Different year, same travel restrictions. With holidaying abroad out of the equation, it’s time for us all to really analyse the map of Oz and discover a new backyard adventure with your travelling partner in crime. Thought about criss-cross […]