6 Spooky Places Around The World To Give You Spine-Tingling Chills

spooky places

Discover spooky places around the world including one in our own backyard. Because as if 2020 wasn’t a horror show already, it’s that time of year again to be spooked out. Halloween is just around the corner with carving pumpkins and putting the final touches on your scary costume a fun weekend chore for the […]

Street Food Sunday: Get Sticky Fingers With Gifu’s Tasty Tofu Dengaku Skewers

Tofu Dengaku

Time to have a taste of “Little Kyoto” with Gifu’s tofu dengaku skewers. Japan’s Gifu is steadfast becoming one of the country’s must-visit destinations for its stunning mountain beauty, close proximity to UNESCO World Heritage sites and above all, its heavenly food scene. Foodies alike choose to descend on the city to have a taste […]

Super Nintendo World Is Opening In Japan In 2021 So, Let’s-A-Go!

Super Nintendo World Is Opening In Japan In 2021 So, Let's-A-Go!

Jump into a real-life Mario Kart game at Japan’s new Super Nintendo World, set to open in 2021. Tokyo’s Mario Kart go-kart tours have officially been one-upped. Soon, visitors to Japan will be able to take it back to their childhood pastime and zoom around the likes of Donut Plains and Luigi Raceway in real life. That’s […]

World Oceans Day: Japan’s Ishikawa Is A Champion Of Sustainable Living

world oceans day Ishikawa

Ishikawa’s magical coastal locations are a sustainable celebration of World Oceans Day. It’s World Oceans Day and to celebrate it all things blue; we are giving a shout out to our northern neighbours, Japan and its renowned seaside escape, Ishikawa. Its coastal location along the Japanese Sea has shaped the food and culture scene, from […]

Street Food Sunday: Taste Osaka With Some Homemade Takoyaki

Street Food Sunday: Taste Osaka With Some Homemade Takoyaki

These tasty little battered octopus balls are an Osakan street food favourite. Read on for our favourite takoyaki recipe. Ramen, sushi, okonomiyaki, and takoyaki: Japan has blessed us with some of the finest food fare in the world. From big noodle soups to snacky little street eats, it’s easy to fall in love with the […]