Las Vegas Has A New Official Slogan

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Las Vegas tourism adopts a slightly different official slogan.

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Since 2003, Las Vegas tourism has used one of the world’s most successful marketing campaigns… and we all know exactly what it is without even needing to be told.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

So why change a good thing? 

It seems the city of sin is wanting to change perceptions that it has grown up and that it isn’t just a place to ‘get loose’.

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Las Vegas wants to further establish and promote the city’s growing reputation as a sports and entertainment epicenter.

Steve Hill, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority explains that the new slogan wasn’t to be aspirational but to be real.

“We don’t want our brand promise to be aspirational. We want it to be real. We want it to be authentic. We want people to think, ‘Yep, that is exactly how we feel about that,’ and we think it captures that,” Hill said. “When we showed it to a number of different people, including celebrities, it catches with them right away.”

Las Vegas new slogan:

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

“What happens here, only happens here”

The first thing that isn’t so subtle is that there is no mention of Vegas in the slogan. Which seems to go away from how effective the 2003 slogan was given everyone knew the ‘Vegas’ slogan. This slogan, however, could be any ‘here’ in the world.

None the less though when you watch the commercial, of course, you want to pack your bags and head to Vegas anyway.

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