6 Camping Essentials To Make Your Next Adventure That Bit Extra

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Be a happy camper with this beast of a camping gear list.

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Spring is a beautiful, colourful time of year to grab the keys to the campervan or dust of the tent and mark your next holiday stomping ground, pegs and all. So to make sure your next camping getaway is just as vivid as natural spring blooms, check out these camping essentials to make your trip that bit extra.

Crumpler Jolly Swagman

6 Camping Essentials To Make Your Next Adventure That Bit Extra
Source: Crumpler

Brace yourself for the great outdoors with truly being embraced with the Crumpler Jolly Swagman. This bag oozes holiday swag with its flashes of primary colours on the trimmings, lightweight factor (a small 1.5kg!) and comfortable padded shoulder and waist straps. It appeals to those who take pleasure in being well-organised à la Marie Kundo with 12 almost-hidden compartments to store the things that spark your travel joy, including a cushioned laptop section. Ever handy is the separate top pocket for your shoes or laundry to keep the day’s adventuring dirties out.

The Crumpler Jolly Swagman is available from Crumpler for $399

Superdry Goods Graphic Hoodie

6 Camping Essentials To Make Your Next Adventure That Bit Extra
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When it comes to camping, it’s all about comfort. Why not be both stylish and snug at with the Superdry Goods Graphic Hoodie. Your mates would think you are the sun on the earth with this bright yellow pullover number, complete with a textured logo design. The hoodie is lightweight and breathable too and may as well be your next layer of skin with its cosiness factor sky-high.

The Superdry Goods Graphic Hoodie is available from Superdry for $129.95

Victorinox Classic Alox 2020 Swiss Army Knife

6 Camping Essentials To Make Your Next Adventure That Bit Extra

There’s no camping dilemma that can’t be fixed when you have a nifty Swiss army knife on hand. Screw come loose on your camp table? Not a worry. Need something to cut through your fishing line so you can get a new hook on? The go-go gadget of knives has got your back. Complete with a nail file, scissors, a blade, and a 2.5mm screwdriver, the Classic Alox 2020 from Victorinox is your best friend in the bush (or on the beach or boat). Pop one of these bad boys in your camping kit, and know you’ve got yourself covered whatever little snag crops up.

The Victorinox Classic Alox 2020 Swiss Army Knife is available from Victorinox from $85

Hydralyte Effervescent Electrolyte tablets

6 Camping Essentials To Make Your Next Adventure That Bit Extra
Source: Hydralyte

Don’t let dehydration ruin your vacation. Things are now heating up as we are heading towards summer, and it is essential to stay hydrated, especially when outdoors. Hydralyte has recently released its latest flavour, tropical in its effervescent electrolyte tablets range to make staying hydrated a tasty affair. Pop a tablet in a glass or bottle of water to manage the loss of bodily fluids, otherwise known as holiday gate-crashers, vomiting and diarrhoea.

It may also help control dehydration symptoms through heavy sweating due to environmental factors or all from that vigorous exercise you have undertaken climbing or hiking mountains. And of course, it helps with the occasional holiday hangover – the ultimate morning-after life-saver!

Hydralyte Effervescent Electrolyte pack of 20 tablets available from all leading pharmacies from $16.19

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6.6L Thermos Insulated Cooler with 1L Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Flask

6 Camping Essentials To Make Your Next Adventure That Bit Extra
Source: Thermos

This may very be the most convenient food box to carry. Not too heavy and not too small, the Thermos Insulated Cooler is a perfect esky to store a day’s worth of food for yours truly. It keeps things chill (or if you like it hot) with its thick insulating walls to maintain the right temperature for your feed. It also features an adjustable strap to safely secure the flask to keep it from falling and allowing you to live a clumsy-free life while on-the-go.

The 6.6L Thermos Insulated Cooler is available from BCF from $87.99

Tiba + Marl Bumbag

6 Camping Essentials To Make Your Next Adventure That Bit Extra
Source: Tiba+ Marl

As if you can’t be a beautiful fashionista amongst flora and fauna? The unisex Tiba + Marl Miko Bumbag fuses sport practically with an ultra-luxe design to add runway style to your holiday outfit. It is a great hands-free option if you want to store a regular-sized water bottle and have everyday staples (phone, wallet, keys) organised while on walkabout. Bumbag is available in three colours: black, silver and snake.

The Tiba + Marl Bumbag is available from Tiba + Marl for $100

Feature image: Nicole Geri on Unsplash

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